Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Ramblings

There have been a few random thoughts floating around my head lately and I thought I'd get them out today:

Driving with your Headlights
I just wanted to write a quick memo and let all the drivers out there know that it's OK to turn your headlights on even if YOU can see okay. Just because you can see okay, doesn't mean that others can see you. I've noticed this a lot lately, mainly because it's been unusually rainy and overcast. I can see just fine and I don't need my lights on to see what is going on. But I still turn them on. I've noticed that the cars that don't have their headlights on start to blend in to the road and it's very difficult to see them. So...spread the word. At dusk and dawn and rainy conditions, TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON! Even if you can see just fine. You might as well be safe and make sure that everyone can see YOU just fine.

Life Lessons
Have you ever noticed that when life lessons are being shared, either at church or work or socially, the person who needs the life lesson the most doesn't get a thing from it and just identifies others who need it? And everyone around thinks, "Man, that was intended for them", but they're totally oblivious!? I noticed this at church on Sunday (kinda). We were having a great lesson in RS and I was thinking, "Man, Suzie Q over there needs to pay attention!" And then I realized, everyone always does that. And then nobody gets the lesson for themselves and they always try to make it about someone else. So I decided to start applying these lessons to me. After all, if we really truly start listening to others we would be so much better off.

The last week or two I've been thinking about the reason behind going to church every week. I know, it sounds silly, but I actually think about these things. It all started with a comment I heard about someone in my ward and how they're like every other Mormon. They go to church every Sunday, but they live far from the gospel principles throughout the week. That kind of perturbed me. I know it's easy to judge others and think that they're not as good as they're trying to portray, but really, what is the purpose of church? Is it for a bunch of perfect people to sit around and preach to each other? Definitely not. I think it's a place we can get support from friends to inspire us to become better. If we hear a particularly moving lesson or talk and we feel the spirit and are motivated to better our behavior, then church has accomplished its purpose. So then that got me thinking about those who have been offended by someone at church and no longer go. And for the first time I actually understood that concept. If we go to church and feel contention and judging and hear people talking negatively about us, we're not accomplishing anything by going. At times in my life I have felt this and have had a difficult time attending. Luckily I didn't totally drop out and I got over it and now things are great. But it made me realize how each person at church is individual in their feelings and testimony and how fragile people can be. We can't treat everyone the same. I know, DUH! I knew that. I guess I just didn't realize how many different things people could be going through and you never know if the person you're walking right by without saying hi to HATES coming to church because nobody ever talks to her. You just don't know. I don't even know where I'm going with this. Just something I've been thinking about and know that I need to work on.