Friday, July 31, 2009


Do you ever have moments when you feel stuck?

Stuck in a job because the pay is good, or it's close to home, or the hours are flexible so you can manage your family life better. You don't love what you're doing, but there are certain aspects of the job that you can't give up and you're afraid that nobody else will be as accommodating?

Do you ever feel stuck at home because of your kids and/or husband? Not that you don't love them, but they don't allow you to explore the potential you.

Do you ever feel limited by your finances to really achieve your dreams? Can't take that vacation, buy your dream home/car/boat/(fill in the blank here). This also includes doing the job that you really want because maybe it doesn't pay enough. Or you can't start your own business because you don't have enough capital.

Do you ever feel stuck in the town you're in? Again, it might be a great place for many different reasons, but maybe it doesn't provide very many opportunities to help you achieve your full potential. Ever want to take classes, get a new job, or run a particular errand, but the town you're in doesn't have what you're looking for?

Do you ever feel trapped by your own life?

...Ya, neither do I.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Xander's 2nd Birthday

Happy birthday beautiful boy. Xander is such a sweet, fun, intelligent boy. I wish I lived closer to snuggle with him more.

Jori was off to the side, making him laugh as he was eating his cake and ice cream.

Trevor with ice cream all over his face.

I think Trevor could have played all day with the tape measure. He thought it was the coolest toy in the world.

Greg was showing us his house and when we got to his closet, Trevor wanted to climb up the shelves. But he couldn't do it himself and nobody seemed to be paying attention to his wimpers for help. So I set him on top of the safe and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. When Greg asked him to jump in to his arms, he was not inclined to oblige. So little Gregory volunteered. He is such a cutie. He loves the camera and the camera loves him right back. He has such a happy, fun personality. It's kind of hard to tell, but he's shreaking with joy as he's leaping from the top of the safe in to dad's arms.
Ha Ha. This one just cracks me up. The kids found this Batman mask and when I took a picture of Gregory, he had one eye open and the other mostly closed. He's too funny.

Xander opening his presents.

The girls were being stinkers and didn't want their pictures taken. O'well. They're usually the hams, so I'm sure I'll get them later.

Happy Birthday Xander!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

Thursday afternoon Rhett and I headed to Lake Powell with our friends Shaun and Jalee for a long (wonderful) weekend. The weather was perfect and Lake Powell was just as impressive this trip as it was last year. We chose to see different parts of the lake and we found some really cool spots.

This is a cool bat cave we found (without the bats). There are arches and things like this all over the place, but none of them are actual caves. We drove up to it and found another boat in there. It was pretty big and super awesome inside. We had to jump in and play around for a couple of minutes before leaving the other boat their privacy.

This is the view from inside the cave.

This was a pretty cool cove. On the left were a bunch of etchings on the rocks and on the right there were vertical lines on the side of the cliff.

Isn't he cute? We stopped every so often and jumped in and cooled off.

Meet Shaun and Jalee. We love hanging out with them because they always provide a lot of laughs.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caden's One-Year Photos

For the fourth of July Rhett and I spent the weekend at Mammoth Creek with a bunch of friends. We were in a cabin in the mountains with perfect weather and a creek out the back door. It was gorgeous. I also had a chance to play with my new camera. Since I was out there taking a bunch of pictures anyways, Tosha asked me to take her youngest son's one-year pictures. Once again my computer isn't cooperating and wont let me download as I wish, but here are a few of the pics:

Isn't he adorable? Thanks, Tosha, for letting me get pictures of your cute little man.