Sunday, September 5, 2010

3 Months

Um...where did the last three months go? Did they seem to disappear as quickly for everyone else as they did for me? In a strange way it seems like we've had Chase forever. But yet at the same time it feels like we just embarked on this latest adventure just yesterday.

It's amazing to me how quickly he develops. The first week he's zoning out, then he briefly stares, then he gazes, then he smiles, then he shrieks with delight. And today...he laughed. Like REALLY laughed. It was the cutest thing I've ever heard. I was kissin' him behind the ears and "gettin' him" and he started laughing. So of course I had to do it a half a dozen more times 'cuz I wanted to hear it over and over again. It seems like each week he progresses and it's so fun to see what will be next.

He's such a fun little boy and am lovin' how much joy (and craziness) he brings to our lives. I started work this past week and it's been quite the adjustment trying to figure out this new routine. It breaks my heart when I come home and he's grumpy...only because I know how many happy wonderful moments I missed throughout the day. Being home with him all day I really got to know he likes to be handled, what helps him fall asleep. Now I find myself going back to how I felt the first few weeks...second guessing myself and not knowing if I'm reading him right or knowing what he needs. I think that's the most difficult part. I want to know everything about him so that I can provide the best possible life for him. I'm lucky that Rhett wants the same thing and is so attentive. He's such a great daddy.

Anywhoo...Chase turned 3 (months, that is) yesterday, so I took a few pictures. He was such a great sport about the whole thing. He didn't fuss throughout all the posing and position changes. He even looked at the camera for most of the shots. He's so curious. You could just see it in his eyes that he was trying to figure out what mommy was doing. Hopefully he appreciates all the bazillion photos he'll have to look back on when he's older.